Pamela Felder -- Author and Educator


“Working with Dr. Felder on publications related to doctoral student socialization and #BlackDocsMatter initiatives has been a double-edged educational experience by gaining a better understanding of the publication process through her guidance and the generalized experiences of other doctoral students through our scholarly efforts. She is very collegial and dedicated to the success of students in and out of her home academic department. I look forward to working and learning with her in the future.”
Walter P. Parrish III
Doctoral Fellow & Research Associate at University of Wisconsin-Madison

“Pamela was the first faculty member to reach out to me and provide me with an opportunity to work with her on a publication. She was always open to hearing my ideas and worked me as if I was a colleague, although I was just starting my doctoral studies. I admire the effort she puts into helping doctoral students develop the skills and experiences necessary to be successful in the field of higher education. She is also a scholar who thinks outside of the box. She showed me that it was important to stay open minded to innovation.”

Milagros Castillo-Montoya, Ed.D.
Assistant Professor of Higher Education and Student Affairs at University of Connecticut

“Dr. Felder served as my advisor for the Masters in Higher Education program at Penn. She also taught the year-long Professional Development course. During my time at Penn, I noticed that Dr. Felder displayed a keen awareness and responsibility towards the diversity of the graduate student experience. She instinctively deconstructs the varying backgrounds, differences, and similarities amongst a class and cohort, and works tirelessly to facilitate compelling dialogue. As an advisor, Dr. Felder is consistently open and willing to discuss any concerns. Graduate students in education should always feel welcomed in her office.”
Michelle White, Academic Advisor
College of Engineering at Oregon State University

“Pamela is an excellent professor who maintains a great passion and commitment. She’s driven and pushes her students to achieve their goals within higher education research and employment. She served as a great supervisor and instructor during my tenure as a Masters student at the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education.”
Miles Goodloe, Academic Advisor
Drexel University Honors Program