Pamela Felder -- Author and Educator


Articles (Peer-Reviewed)

Felder, P.P., Moore, T., Kline, K., Harmening, D., St. John, E.P. & Bowman, P. (under review). Professional learning in higher education graduate programs: Reframing the challenge and reflections of pedagogical strategies. Innovations in Education and Teaching International.

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Articles (Non-Refereed)

Research/Policy Briefs

Okahana, H., Allum, J., Felder, P.P., & Tull, R.G. (2016). Implications for practice and research from Doctoral Initiative on Minority Attrition and Completion (CGS Data Sources PLUS #16-01). Washington, DC: Council of Graduate Schools.


Book (Edited Volume)

Felder, P. P. & St. John, E.P. (Eds.) (2014). Supporting graduate students in the 21st
Century: Implications for policy and practice. Readings on equal education Series, 27. New York, NY: AMS Press Inc.


Book Chapters

Felder, P. (2013). Exploring race and culture as critical reflective pedagogical tools. In, Kimberly Kline (ed.), Reflection in action: A guidebook for faculty and student affairs professionals. Sterling, VA: Stylus.*

Felder, P. & Tesauro, J. (2013). What can we learn from the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation?: Exploring therole of foundation support, community colleges and STEM. In, J. Luke Wood and Robert T. Palmer (Eds.), Examining the role of community colleges in STEM production: A focus on underrepresented racial and ethnic minorities.

Felder, P. (2012). Prior socialization in academic capital formation: HBCU origins and their impact on Doctoral Student Success in Rachelle Winkle-Wagner, Edward P. St. John, & Pat Bowman (Eds.) Readings on equal education expanding postsecondary opportunity for underrepresented students: Theory and practice of academic capital formation (pp. 43-63). New York, NY: AMS Press Inc.

Thompson, Pamela Felder. (2008). On firm foundations: HBCU graduates and their doctoral student development in the Ivy League. In, Marybeth Gasman and Chris Tudico (Eds.), Triumphs and Troubles: Historical and Contemporary Essays on Black Colleges (pp. 27-40). New York: Palgrave MacMillian.


Book Reviews

Felder, P.P. (2013). Review of Is graduate school really for you? The whos, whats, hows and whys of pursuing a master’s or Ph.D. [book review}. The Review of Higher Education.

Felder, P.P. (2013). Review of Creating campus cultures: Fostering success among racially diverse students [book review]. The Review of Higher Education

Felder, P.P. & Shanahan, T. (2012). Review of Breaking the access barrier: How academic capital formation can improve policy in higher education [book review]. Teachers College Record,114(11).


Commentaries, Op-Eds, Blogs

Felder, P.P., Parrish, W.P., Collier, J.N., & Blockett, R. (2016). Understanding programmatic support of doctoral student socialization via social media. Teachers College Record, Date Published: February 15, 2016,, ID Number: 19451.

Felder, P.P., Parrish, W.P., Collier, J.N., & Blockett, R. (2016). Making a difference through programmatic support: What matters for STEM doctoral students. Teachers College Record, Date Published: January 05, 2016,, ID Number: 18984.

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Encyclopedia Entries

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